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   We design and install large patio covers and outdoor canopies of large dimensions, Coverings and Roofs for hotels, shopping malls, outdoor moving staircases, windproof coverings, shelters for airports, train stations, seaports, stadiums and sport facilities.

















   We carry out important projects such as large coverings for street furniture. In France for instance we have restyled the main town squares of Canet en Roussillon and La Grande Motte. On this occasion we have manufactured some telescopic coverings with thermal isolation for businesses such as bars, restaurants, hotels, banks, casinos and night clubs.
   Our outdoor coverings are designed and manufactured with the exclusive M.A.N.T.T. system. They are also 100% waterproof, aseismic and resistant to hurricanes and strong gusts of wind.
   All our coverings are designed by our team of architects and designers in respect of the environment and they decorate the urban landscape with style, elegance and functionality.
   All our structures are made of highly resistant varnished aluminum that never rusts. They are fully removable and no municipal permit is required. The materials we use (aluminum, fabrics and so on) have undergone stringent security tests.






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Phone Number: 973 731 4100

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