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Patio cover

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Aug 23

When it comes to talk about a patio cover you have to take care of some aspects. Is the company offering you a structure ideal dimensioned to the shape of your patio? Is the color matching your wishes? Does the design fit to your current home or business?

Those things are already guaranteed by us because all our patio covers are custom, made from scratch based on your wishes and your needs.

More than this, you experience even more advantages than with regular covering system for your patio. We all know that having such a structure is great. During the summer you can relax with your family under the refreshing shade. In case you have a business such as a terrace (terrace of a hotel, a bar or a restaurant) you can offer this features to your customers. But in winter you won’t be able to use it this way. Nobody likes to stay outside when it’s cold. But our system is made to work with a special system developed by us called side panel enclosures. These panels are made of aluminum (insulated aluminum, exactly as the structure of the patio covers and the roof) and strong transparent PVC (you can see on the below the video with the resistance test).

The lateral panels go one into each other creating this way a set o wall, allowing you to completely enclose the system (similar to a patio enclosure). This way you can enjoy staying inside even during the winter. It’s also an advantage for your terrace, because even if it’s winter, your customers can still come to your business.